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New Flackbait Site

Welcome to our new web site – dedicated totally to our own range of baits. If you’re looking for the flack tackle shop then you need to head over to where we continue to sell a great range of own-brand and major label products for carpers at home in the UK and worldwide.

Flackbait Expansion

Flackbait is the bait making arm of Flack Tackle. We roll them and sell them, cutting out the middle man to bring you good quality baits without paying branded prices and retail mark-ups. We put the extra revenue directly back into the quality of the ingredients we use, because we know the best way to sustain a business is to bring the customer back.

Yes, you can pay £50 for 10kg of boilies if you look hard enough, but if you are about what you feed the fish, and if you want bait that works, then don’t by carp crap. Even if you don’t want to buy from us, then buy from Mainline, CC Moore, Mistral or Nash – don’t feed crap to carp! Read more of our online articles to find out why.

Our bait is good quality, it is different, and most importantly, you can have confidence in it, so that if things aren’t working out for you, then you know that the problem is not with the bait.

Double Edge Baits

All our boilies come with a double edge – top quality ingredients and amazing attractants. No balls of flavoured semolina to be found.

The 2015 range has been tried and tested over many years and comprises six flavours, all available in 10mm or 14mm options, and with interest in a larger boilie already strong, it is our aim to bring you a 20mm option by the end of the year.

The six flavours in our 2015/16 range are: Aniseed & Hemp; Pineapple; Bloodworm; White Chocolate & Coconut; Krill; and, Squid.

Plus our new premium bait – Claret – a secret recipe comprising bloodworm, red fruits and amazing pulling power.