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Happy New Year

Happy new year to you! Our 2015 was a massive year of growth for our bait business, and as we spend this quiet time (in the tackle trade) looking at the figures, it is clear that again in 2015 we sold more packs of boilies on Amazon than anyone else in the world, and now, more packs of pop-ups too!

We’re still working on our new flavours for 2016, making sure that we get them just right. Our Hemp & Aniseed boilies seem to be working very well this winter, which has been very pleasing and unexpected! We know they’re good, but didn’t know they’d be great in cold conditions too!

We hope you all had a good Christmas, and wish you a prosperous 2016! Why not start saving now by visiting our winter sale on where we have great deals on some top tackle.

Ever wanted your own bait company?

If you’ve ever fancied being your own boss then maybe a bait company is the right choice for you – if there is one thing we know about business, it is that you have do something you know about and something you enjoy, or you may as well forget it.

Perhaps you are already in a syndicate, or own a tackle shop or lake, perhaps you roll your own and have a client base and want to move up a gear – either way we can help you out. Boilies can be rolled to pretty much any spec, any colour, any flavour and any size. All you need to do is commit to at least 40kg of boilies and we’ll get cracking getting them rolled, and if you want, weighed and packed up too. So if you want to improve your margins (depending on quantity ordered, and base mix options, then own-brand boilies start from as little as £2.95 per kg)  or just start something new via the boot fairs, fishing shows or eBay,  then we’re happy to help!

It isn’t always easy, there is no simple route to success and we would recommend you already have a head-start – for example that you can build web sites, or you have a tackle shop, or you have a strong online following, run a club, something that puts you ahead of your average angler. You also need to have a definite idea of what you want to produce and how you are going to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other bait companies.

Perhaps you don’t even want to sell on, maybe you just want a massive bulk deal – get together a group of carp anglers and set about making your own exclusive product, as long as you are talking about high volume production then that’s fine by us!

If you have the ambition and drive to succeed, then we’re a natural fit. So please do get in touch!

When The Carping Gets Tough

So the lovely summer seems to finally be coming to an end, those of us in the trade know that some of the guys we’ve been selling to all summer long have now gone into hibernation until next year and the solar-powered angler spends his weekends on the terraces by day and in front of Strickly or down the nice warm pub by night.

I’m not knocking them of course, its not everyone who wants to be wrapped up in a bivvy by a cold damp bankside all winter long, but to those of you about to get out your thermals and your winter skins, I salute you! And it is just this kind of hardened hardcore carper we are looking for as part of our field testing team. So if you, or anyone you know, wants the chance to be part of our bait development team and get involved in testing new ranges of boilies, then now is the time!


Further-a-field testing

catch1Having completed extensive (and expensive) field testing of our boilies over the past five years, we are now looking to broaden our reach. We need second level field-testers to test new bait and existing products. As long as you go carp angling on a regular basis all year round and are aged 16 or over then you could be just what we’re looking for. Ideally we want to get a good mix of anglers with a range of experience from up and down the country, and we want plenty of feedback from you – it is the feedback that helps us make sure we have the bait right. So we are looking for passion, for dedication, and for enthusiasm. What we’re not looking for is a bunch of anglers who think field-testing is just about getting free bait!

bob_35lbexactlyIn the flackbait shop we currently have an item for sale, it is called ‘Field Tester Application Pack’ – there are 30 of them for sale. The price of a field tester pack is £29 and for that we will send you 3kg of flackbait boilies plus some pop-ups and other bits. We’ll also send details of how to send us your feedback and catch reports. Once we’ve received all the information and details we’ve requested we will then send you out another 3kg of boilies FREE of charge. In other words, as long as you keep your end of the bargain we’ll have given you over 6kg of top quality boilies, plus popups and other bits, for less than £30!

From these thirty field testers we will then be looking to recruit between three and five permanent field-testers who will then have access to bait at field-tester rates, plus permanent discounts on Nash, Gardner and other ranges of tackle that Flack Tackle provides, all the time they are flackbait field-testers.

flackbaitA few questions answered about field testing positions at flackbait –

Q. What will it cost me to apply?

A. It will cost £29 to get an application pack, that will include 3kg of boilies, packs of pop-ups and other items, delivered to your door. Plus, if you then fulfil your end of the bargain, you get another 3kg of boilies delivered at no extra charge!

Q. Who can apply?

A. Pretty much anyone. You need to be aged over 16 and live in mainland UK. Purely due to postage costs I’m sorry to say we are not currently looking for anyone who lives in the highlands and islands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands or The Isle of Mann (If you do live in any of those areas we would still be prepared to consider you if you are happy to pay the difference in postage).

Q. What are my commitments?

A. Well there are no commitments really. If you don’t want to send us your catch report then we will be unable to send your second lot of free boilies out, but if you do want to get those free boilies then you will need to fill in a few details about what you caught, where you caught it and any other useful information about your set-up, plus of course that all important photo, that we can then use for further promotion! Remember that we are looking to take on permanent field-testers, so the more useful and high quality information and feedback you can give us, the better your chances are for getting one of those places and all the benefits that follow from being a field-tester.

15mm popups mixed Q. What’s in it for me?

A. If you have to ask that question then the chances are you are not the person we’re looking for. But if you love fishing, want to help improve fish diet and welfare, and increase the popularity of the sport that we love, then there will be plenty of benefits for the right person!