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At Flack Tackle we’ve been selling carping tackle and bait to anglers in the UK and beyond for nearly fifteen years, and with experience in the industry dating way back we can safely say we’ve developed a taste for knowing what anglers like and what carp like.

At www.flacktackle.com we continue to sell top branded tackle, and our own great range of tackle to save you £££ – but after we started selling our own baits we realised we were really onto something. Our initial bait rolling partners had a wealth of experience and knowledge that we kept going when sadly they passed on. We have taken their principles of quality ingredients and secret little edges in the formula and started rolling more and more bait. Extensive field testing and thousands of fish later and here we are with a business that has out-grown the tackle sales, that has dominated the sales of bait on the UK’s two largest online sales platforms and has brought us rave reviews and an ever-growing following.

In 2016 we have plans to launch another premium bait, but for now we are trying to keep pace with the ever-growing demand for our existing range.

See our Terms and Conditions page for details of how to contact us.

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