Here comes the sun? Well, almost.

So in the past week we’ve had glorious blue skies, hail, sleet, rain, sun, wind… and a serious upsurge in bait sales! Spring must be on its way at last. Hemp and Aniseed is proving to be the big seller at the moment, probably the lack of green boilies on the markets helps us out, everyone is looking for something a bit different afterall. But, on a very positive note, we’re getting more and more repeat business, as anglers discover that no matter which one of our boilies they use, they are going to get results.

As for the mega mix boilies – that little experiment we tried in 2010 is now better selling than ever. We are 10% up on like for like sales on last year, which was our record year for selling the rainbow coloured bags of wonder-bait! Carp just seem to love the variety, or are drawn in by a mix that they just haven’t come across before. It makes sense if you think about it, who wants to eat just ham, or just butter or just bread. You put all three together and you get something far more temping, add a bit of mustard, maybe some cheese or pickle – you get the idea. More interesting to feed on than just chomping on a bit of boring bread!

Fingers crossed for more sun soon, and a bit of nice warm weather!

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