Surge in Pink Krill Orders

Our pink krill boilies are suddenly flying out again, probably selling more than all the other flavours combined.  Is it a cold weather thing? We honestly don’t know. Certainly a few years ago when Krill suddenly became on trend we noticed a big upsell in our chilli krill when the sun went into hibernation, so we even re-labelled it ‘winter chilli krill’, but we’ve not seen sales like this for a bait since we launched our Bombay Mix in 2012. (Talking of which, Bombay Mix will be back, with added punch, next summer).

Is Krill the flavour of the month again? Perhaps it is not a mere trend, but, like Robin Red, Bloodworm or Scopex, it has become a staple standard that is here to stay. (Scopex, of course, would be here to stay had it not had to be withdrawn). So many others have come and, frankly, gone. Last year it was Plum, a few years back it was Coconut and before that Pepperoni. We have always tried to follow the trends, as well as developing some baits that others cotton on to much later – for example the addition of sea salt, that then became a crazy over-addition to dangerous levels. We’ve been adding a little sea salt to our baits for years, in fact for as long as we’ve been rolling – a sensible amount, but just enough to arouse interest.


Maybe it is not so much the ‘Krillness’ that keeps the demand up, as the ‘pinkness’ of the bait. There are not too many pink boilies out there, so maybe it is the ‘something different’ factor that keeps the sales up. Certainly Daventry Dave, one of our regulars, says he loves the colour and his bait bucket gets quite a few second glances from fellow anglers when they see the colour.

It is certainly one of those we have the most reliable repeat orders from, which is probably why, along with White Choc & Coconut, and Pineapple, that it has remained a staple part of the double edged boilie range. If you haven’t given it a go yet, then you probably should, and if you have or if you’re coming back for more, then let us know why!


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